Project Design: Summer Pants

I posted about my new favorite summer pants last week. I recently wore those on my vacation to New York City where it was over 90 degrees the entire week. Pants may not seem like the obvious choice, but when I need to get through a 14 hour day of walking, pants are actually a bit nicer than skirts (although wearing shorts under my shirts other days was also helpful). Which of these lightweight pants have you looking forward to a warm, sunny day?

Red Loose Leisure Cotton by clothingshow

Tapered Linen Trousers by KSclothing

Loose "Wrinkles" Linen Pants by zeniche

Chambray Dress Pants by dariagorabutique

Wide Leg Linen Pants by YL1dress

Belted Wide Leg Skirt Pants by Sophiaclothing


Anonymous said…
I love skirts, but pants are a little more practical, sometimes.

I picked out a cute, blue dress from the thrift shop a couple of weeks ago, then promptly realized *why* I found it at the thrift shop when a breeze nearly flipped it over my head. That won't happen with pants!

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