Pick of the Week: Tudor City Teal by NYC

I love nail polish. I also probably own a bit too much nail polish so when I wanted a great spring/summer teal color I was reluctant to buy into the Essie or even Revelon colors at $6 to $8. Target had a sale on New York Color polishes so I grabbed a 97 cent Tudor City Teal polish for 89 cents (Woot! Eight cent savings!) I was a bit leary of the cheap polish, but it it was 89 cents. Also, looked more like a gloss, which I kind of liked.

It does wear more like a gloss so you need two or three good coats for full color, but this stuff really is long wearing like the label claims. It has held up better than any of my pricey polishes and worn for longer than my most invincible Sally Hansen polishes.

Because it goes on a little sheer, I find it easier to get a streak-free look. It get endless compliments on the color, and several people I know have purchased after seeing it on my nails. I'm anxious to go back and try other NYC polishes. (But I'm scouting out the ones that have the same glossy look with no shimmer or iridescence. I think they wear better). 


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