Etsy Shop of the Week: Eynat Klipper

Shop: Eynat Klipper

Why We Love It: I'm not sure who decided to start making swimsuits that offered considerably less support and coverage than a demi bra and bikini panties, but their idea clearly took off. The stores are full of flimsy, poorly made suits. Eynat Klipper suits come from a blissful alternate reality where swim tops have underwires, suits have a retro vibe yet still feel modern, and swimsuit shopping probably doesn't end in frustration and wearing last year's threadbare suit to the beach. 

Price Range: $44 - $155

Favorite Items:
Pictured: Underwire Tankini Set $155 / High Waisted Bottom $49 / Underwire Bikini $99 (pictured above)


Jennifer Wells said…
I remember reading a book by Dr. Andrew Weil many years ago. The subject was about health and well-being. One thought he expressed was that he felt women were unfairly critical of their bodies when the fact was the garment industry had so cheapened their offerings that really, it was more the case that clothing was poorly made and unflattering, not that women needed to "fix," their bodies.
Jael Paris said…
That's very true. Some outfits I've tried on have made me look pregnant, given me weird bumps, and flattened parts of me that I want to look not flat. It's tough after an afternoon of fruitless shopping to keep saying "It's not me; it's the clothes."
Jennifer Wells said…
Oddly enough, what I find more intimidating than the dreaded "swimsuit shopping," is trying on glasses. I'd rather try on something that makes my boobs look weird, shrug and say "It's the clothes," than try on a pair of specs that make my face look weird.

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