White Dresses

This summer I am doing a thorough assessment of my wardrobe -- what it has, what it needs, and what is wearing out. One of my needs is a white dress for summer. While I am a noted loather of beige, I adore white. It is so clean and accepting of my wild accessories. White cotton doesn't get much more summer chic. I think I will add both The Gap's gauzy shirtdress and J. C. Penney's eyelet sundress to my watchlist.

Top: maxi shirtdress, ASOS $127
geometric lace shirt, J. C. Penney $51 (sale)
gauzy shirtdress, Gap $60
eyelet fit and flare dress. J. C. Penney $65
Bottom: sleeveless sheath dress, J. C. Penney $45
lace 60s shift, Nordstrom $188
cotton sundress, Old Navy $37 (sale)
fit and flare skater dress, ASOS $70

Do you like white dresses or do they pose a cleanliness issue? Too bridal? Which dress suits your summer needs?


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