Etsy Shop of the Week: McKean Studio

Shop: McKean Studio

Why We Love It: I returned from vacation in New York City yesterday at 2 a.m. I love New York, but I don't really love that I all could find in the way of souvenirs proclaimed my love for new york in the same blocky logo. I love that I heart NY logo, but I was looking for things I could work into my wardrobe more fluidly. I was looking for something like McKean Studio's scarves, which capture famous cities in vibrant, colorful ways.

Price Range: Scarves cost $68.21. (The shop offers a variety of other non-fashion items too.)

Links: Website

Favorite Items:
Click through the slide show below to see the different styles.

Pictured: London; Amsterdam; Sydney; San Francisco, New York City (also pictured above)


Megan McKean said…
Thank you so much for featuring our scarves! Glad we're not the only ones who were annoyed at not being able to find a good souvenir!! x Megan

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