Project Design: Superman

Have you seen Man of Steel yet? For a long time, I thought it wouldn't be possible to write a relatable, modern Superman story, but here it is. At least the beginning. The end is a punchy-punch-punch fest. Seriously, stop punching each other; that hasn't garnered you one result. I endured that silliness by focusing on the hotness of Henry Cavil. He might be reason enough to watch the movie. Alas, you cannot buy your very own Henry Cavil, but Etsy is full of other Superman paraphernalia.

Comic Book Capelet by Sophster Toaster

Kryptonite Necklace by Love for Achilles

Clark Kent Dress by Hipster Princess

Comic College Heels by Maizy Cakes

Lois Lane Purse by Trash Deco

Superman Emblem Necklace by Apple Latte


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