Love or Loathe: White Nails

The Spring/Summer runways were packed with pale nails. From nude to white to a simple swipe of top coat, the color had been sucked out of the hand. Considering how I feel about beige, it shouldn't surprise you that I am not a fan of this look. I especially hate the white nails which just look like they're waiting for something. They also remind me of kids at school who liked to paint their nails with whiteout when they were bored. The one exception is when they are worn with some sort of mod 60s look. Nude is okay. It at least makes your nails look healthy and, well, neutral.


Jennifer Wells said…
Love, with no explanation. I just do.
becca said…
I like white nails. I like stark black and white so I would kind of love to wear a black dress, black tights and white shoes with white nails and pearls. That sounds fancy.

Also, I like when white polish is in because it makes it easy to find several good shades of white to use as a base for nail art and sheer colors.

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