The Horror: Aptly Named?

If you are peddling a shirt that is semi-sheer with large holes right above the breasts, perhaps you shouldn't name it "Be My Guest". Or was "Open To Groping" already taken? Also, if you're going to knock-off a runway design, maybe don't use the designer's (better styled) image to promote your item. It makes this look even worse.


Florence said…
Should have just named it "I'm a Ho, come grope me"
Jael Paris said…
I also like that I can see her armpits, an astonishingly sexy part of the body.
becca said…
I looks like they have it pulled back on her shoulders so it won't actually expose her boobs. If you button that and arrange it correctly, it will be a much different shirt.

My mom just said this would be good for nursing mothers...sorta.

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