Spring 2013 Couture

Alexis Mabille, with all the ruffles and pastels and bows, reminded me of old Hollywood glam meets the court of the Sun King. I hope some of these dresses make the leap to the red carpet. He's not the best know designer even though he's stinkin' awesome.*

Still not a fan of Raf Simons' cuts, but I love the floral details he did for Dior.

Valentino reminded me of old wrought iron gates and priests robes, and it was one of their best couture shows in years. Is the house finding their footing since their namesake's retirement?

Atelier Versace looked cheap in the way that only people with lots of money and no taste look. Total stripper shoes complete.

Jean Paul Gaultier envisioned rich gypsy hippies. This could have been much better.

Want more? We have more shows, detail shots, as well as Pre-Fall coverage on our Facebook page. It's a party over there.

*Sorry to whip out the fancy French phrases there. I'm precocious. 

Image source: style.com


Jennifer Wells said…
I think coverage of fashion shows is one of my very favorite features of FMF.

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