Etsy Shop of the Week: Strathcona Stockings

Shop: Strathcona Stockings

Why We Love It: Strathcona Stockings makes hand-printed stockings in vibrant and unique prints. These are signature pieces. I personally would love to wear them with floaty summer frocks and delicate shoes. They'd also be fun layered over bright tights in the winter.

Price Range: $37.21

Links: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Tumblr

Favorite Items: (click through the slide show below to see our favorites

Pictured: Space Echo Socks, $37.21 | Tropical Fruit Punch Socks, $37.21 | Bird Pattern Socks, $37.21 | Floral Socks in Green, $37.21 | Watercolor Painting Socks, $37.21 (also pictured above)


jenn said…
i love your blog especially all your clothes sets! Could you put a set together for one who is self employed in the nutrition profession? I do classes at yoga studio etc...
becca said…
Jenn! Thanks! I'm so glad you like our blog.

Also, it might take me a few weeks, but I'll put your post on the list!
jenn said…
thank you. Budget friendly too.

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