On Fashion Blogging When You Hate the Trends

The 90s are coming back. Gag me with a spoon. When I started fashion blogging, everything was ruffles and pearls and girly delights. I could barely keep up with all the things I wanted to add to my closet. Writing a post happened in a blink.

Now fashion is swinging to minimalism and grunge and body-con. I hate all of those things. It can take me over an hour just to find an item I want to share. I fight the urge to make all of my posts "horrors."

So how can I blog when I can't even shop?

I don't feel pretty.

We've never held the position that you have to wear something just because it is trendy. In fact, being yourself is the most stylish thing you can be. So we will make you two promises. First, we'll continue to tell you about trends (even ones we may not like), so you know what you need to buy into or hold out on for the season. Second, we will teach you the tricks to adapting your style to current trends so you don't look like your style froze when you were 21.

Together, we can survive crop tops.


Cait Throop said…
I am totally laughing at that picture!!
Jael Paris said…
Grumpy Cat has been scientifically proven to cure high-waisted hot pants.
Rachel said…
I like this post :)
Fanya said…
Kitty kitty kitty!

Lol, if you start all your horror post with a pic of kitty dressed in the horror fashion item in question, I will follow/read/bookmark every single one of them.
carlyjcais said…
I love this post! You are so right:-) Plus I jut love your pretty, grumpy kitty. Grumpy Cat FTW!

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