Our Favorite Golden Globes Dresses

This year's Golden Globes didn't provide any one amazing 'WOW!' dress for either of us; although, we were happy to see more women playing with clothes even if it didn't always work out for them. So this crop of cream falls in to two camps: most aspiring and most personality.

becca was drawn to Scarlett Johanssen's dress because it looks like something she would wear as a wedding dress. It has a vintage-y feel, but still sparkles. She loved the cut for it's effortless look (and feel--most of becca's dresses are cut like this and are so very comfortable). I felt it was a nice change from her usual sex bomb look (which she also pulls off well). We were torn on the hair, but at least the hair doesn't ruin the dress.

Olivia Wilde's foofy star of a dress is the sort of thing every girl dreams of dancing around in. Many people complained about the hair, but I loved how relaxed it was compared to the dress. Normally, this isn't the sort of thing we'd feature as it's rather standard fare, but I loved her overt joy in her shoes. Any girl who keeps fighting all that tulle to show off her tootsies is okay in my book.
I want Helena Bonham Carter to be my wicked fairy godmother. Not wicked in the turn you into a newt sense. Wicked in the "Dahling, you're absolutely wicked for absconding with my bootleg champagne" sense. I love her for not getting her hair stiffened and bouffanted. I love her for wearing sunglasses (which always seems okay for men to do). I love her for finding a kooky dress that fits her body (take note, Julianne). Most of all, I love her for wearing mismatched shoes. Is this best dressed material? No. Is this perfectly fitting for this person at the event? Yes.


I felt the same way about Helena Bonham Carter. My boyfriend who doesn't care about fashion, turned into André Leon Talley about her outfit. Olivia Wilde's shoes were like art. Stunning. Great job covering the Golden Globes.
Cait Throop said…
YAY! This was soooo much fun!!! xo Cait

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