Weekend Fashion Find: Candelabra Jewelry Holder

Target has an adorable Candelabra Jewelry Holder for sale right now (but has failed to post it on their website). My search did lead me to the black variation Modcloth is selling (for $14.99), but Target's was far superior. It almost seems functional as a candelabra as well as a jewelry holder. The places to hold candles were designed to display rings, cuffs and other unhangable jewelry. Plus, it's made of metal mesh earrings and pins can be placed almost anywhere on it. Necklaces and bracelets could be draped over the curls and flourishes that made it look like any ornate little candelabra, which got me thinking...

A vintage Candelabra would be the perfect jewelry holder. Any version with little metal loops that work like hooks could do the trick. The candle holders could be used for holding things that won't hang. If they have little spikes to hold candles in place, these would make perfect ring holders. The lack of metal mesh makes earrings a bit tricky, but creativity could easily solve that. (Pictured: Swedish Wrought Iron Candelabra)

This idea also made me think of little chandeliers, especially the kind made to hold candles. They would be wonderful if suspended from the ceiling in the corner (near the closet or mirror) and covered in jewelry. (Pictured: Hanging Candle Chandelier, $54.95)

How do you display your jewelry?


Oh to Be a Muse said…
this is awesome. i love interesting ways to hang jewelry!

i am a new follower of your blog (and your twitter). please follow me too!

Oh to Be a Muse
rachel said…
My necklaces are living on the hinges of my full length mirror. My earrings are living on the floor with my bracelets and headbands and makeup under the mirror... >.<

I like the solution you have devised.

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