Change Your Coat Without Changing Your Coat

Most of us have a black wool coat for winter. Coats are expensive to change every season, but that doesn't mean we can't swap accessories to liven things up. Since scarves and their ilk are on clearance, now's the perfect time to stock up.

Of course, you can always brighten things up with summery colors. Or go the opposite route with monochrome.

Try out a dash of animal print here and there. Or go ultra chic with a formed hat and other lux goods.

Let your inner child out to play with a silly scarf or hat. Classic fair isle knits are still bold and fun but not so childish.

How do you change up your black winter coat?


Betty said…
This is such a great idea for a post, and so simple. Thanks for sharing!
Fanya said…
that's opposite my problem.

My winter coat is a below the knee pale blue puffer coat.

You can't really wear too many colored accessories with that, so all my scarf/hat/gloves are grey/black/white.
Jael Paris said…
Pah, you can wear all sorts of colors with pale blue.
Artfully Awear said…
Great ideas! Color is definitely the thing that gets me through the cold winter months. I'm following your blog!

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