Trend Shopping: Maxi Skirts

Full disclosure, this post is for becca. Unlike becca, I seem to have not recovered from having to wear long skirts in high school. At 5'4" the return of ankle skimmers means dirty hems and tripping. Nevertheless, I do like the look (and having an option that's not a mini). I like the long, lean lines with a pussy bow blouse and rich vest. I like the fuller iterations to live out my harajuku steampunk dreams.Top: stripe fishtail hem, Arden B. $39
maximum ballerina, Forever 21 $26
yellow and grey print, Spiegel $34
Bottom: full jersey skirt, Anthropologie $69.95
stained glass, Topshop $50
black lace skirt, Forever 21 $19.80

How do you feel about maxi skirts?


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