Top Legging Picks

Baby it's cold outside. Right now, tights and boots aren't cutting it for warmth. I'm all about my leggings. In fact, I have unexpectedly become the owner of several pairs. Staying warm has a strong draw for me.

My number one all-time favorite leggings are the Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohl's leggings (they're $20 a pair but always on sale). I got these several years ago and fell in love. Sadly, I only had one pair, which I eventually tore. They didn't carry them last year (prompting a long search for leggings). They're back now though, and I'm stocking up!

Hue makes my favorite tights so it's only logical that they'd leggings ($25 at Bare Necessities). They are very similar to the Vera leggings but come in more colors. Best of all, you can usually nab them for a half the regular price at T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. (I got purple ones this weekend for only $10!).

While I swear by Vera's leggings, I've read that Vera swears by Danskin leggings ($26, pictured left). I haven't tried them, but I've heard a lot of good things about them. I have tried the Danskin Now leggings (pictured right), which are from Danskin's lower priced line sold at Walmart. They are technically exercise leggings/yoga pants, which is what I bought them for, but when everything else was in the laundry, they worked great as regular leggings. Plus, they are sweat wicking, which is nice. I can't argue with the $7 price tag either. (F.Y.I. They run a full size big.)

Not pictured: I have a stellar and very warm pair of black leggings from H&M. They are a bit stiffer than my other leggings and will crease at the knees if I wear them for too long of a day. However, they hide all them lumps and bumps other leggings sometimes reveal, and I love that for that.


Gianna Blake said…
I also love buying pattern leggings and especially in black color as this color looks fabulous on me. Recently bought few pairs of leggings from online at great discounted price. Best part of wearing leggings is getting comfort and so am happy with my purchase.

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