Weeken Fashion Find: Quick-Drying Towels

While towels don't seem like an obvious fashion find, they are an important part of our daily beauty routines. If you have a small bathroom, too few towel racks or too many people sharing a bathroom, it can be a challenge dry towel properly and avoid the musty, wet towel smell. Plus, on a cold winter morning the time between turning off the hot shower and getting dry enough to be warm feels chillingly long.

These Quick-drying towels not only do as their name says, but they are also super absorbent so they dry both themselves and you quickly. A friend recently told me about some she received for Christmas and loves that they remain clean smelling since they dry so quickly. They are available for almost any one who makes towels, but since I have a fondness for my Kohl's towels, I've posted their version here. The Apt. 9 Quick-Drying Pima Cotton Textured Towels range in price from $13.99 to $17.99 for wash clothes, hand towels and bath towels


Anonymous said…
wow what a luxury! i couldn't imagine having one :) xx
Mark Ruffalo said…
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