Summer Hats

A summer hat keeps you cool, protects from the sun and looks super cute. I've been hunting for a cute summer hat for years. I wouldn't mind investing in one a little, if I found a hat I though would really last and had the perfect classic look. Although, I'd also like an inexpensive hat that I wouldn't mind taking to the beach where it might get sandy or wet. These hats are mostly under $50 with a couple of standout exceptions.
Striped Straw Sun Hat, Newport News $29
Straw Cloche w/ Bow, Urban Outfitters $28
Floppy Floral Hat, Kohl's $24
Sundried Hat, Anthropologie $128
Belmont Huzzah Hat, Anthropologie $48
Whirlpool Hat, Anthropologie $38

Straw Sun Hat, Eugenia Kim for Target $19.99
Tiny Straw Hat, Urban Outfitters $28
Crochet Straw Floppy, Urban Outfitters $34
Nautical Floppy Hat, Gap $24.50
Tweed Microbrim Hat, Kohl's $24
Giant Brim Hat, Free People $98


Jael Paris said…
I want a massive straw hat, but I can't decide if I want black, white or natural.
Kaye said…
I recently bought myself a nice big sun hat (actually, it's practically identical to the whirpool one from anthro) at target and brought it with me to Florida. I loved it every second of the trip.
Did you know that there are also mens summer hats? Try to drop by my website, maybe you'd find some cute hats along the way.

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