Shopping For Sunglasses

After ten years, I decided to give contacts a shot again. This means I can buy sunglasses! While I'd love to get a cool vintage pair, I think I'll buy a cheap pair first and see how I do. All the glasses below are under $30 (with one fabulous exception).round pink sunglasses, A.J. Morgan on Endless $25
gold wire sunglasses, Forever 21 $5.80
classic aviator sunglasses, Candie's at Kohl's $24
clear frame wayfarer sunglasses, Urban Outfitters $14

wide earpiece purple sunglasses, Charlotte Russe $6.50
thick tortoise frame, Anthropologie $28
white cateye frame, Tres Noir at Pin-Up Girl Clothing $89
oversized green frame, Mod Cloth $11.99

What's your favorite style of sunglasses? I'm a sucker for 60s styles.


Lesa said…
I have two pair my classic brown raybans and a pair of more modern glasses, not huge but they fit my face and make me feel a little more in style.
Someone said…
Since I have a small face I have a little more difficulty finding flattering frames, but - I am very happy with the pair of prescription ones I bought from a few years ago. Under $30 including shipping!!

I don't wear contacts, so I was sooo happy to find really affordable prescription sunnies.

(No connection, just a happy customer.)

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