Nail Polish for Spring/Summer

I'm not one to paint my nails often. During the cold weather I stick to clear polish expect for Christmastime when I might dab on some "I'm Not Really A Waitress." Sandal weather is what brings out the box of nail polish. I can't have unpainted toes so while I'm at it, I usually paint my fingers too. This season has an array of popular colors from neutrals to to pretty not-quite-pastels to bold fluorescents. I'm partial to color this time of year, but the pretty browns are also calling my name. What's your polish pick for spring and summer?

The Neutrals. Browns, mauves, nudes and barely there polish were hot of the runways for spring. They have a classy touch among the seasons brighter colors.Pictured:
Commander In Chic, Sally Hansen, Walgreens $6.50
Satin Sheets, Cover Girl Queen, Target, $3.09
Cocoa Motion, Maybelline, Target $3.49
Going Nude, Eh?, Sephora by OPI, Sephora $9

The Colors. Pretty pinks, bright sky blues, orange-y red and perfect purples take the top color spots this season. They signal playfulness and summer fun. Pictured:
Ooh La La, Sonia Kashuk, Target $3.99
Calypso Blue, Salley Hansen, Walmart $6.50
Fiery Red, Love & Beauty, Forever 21 $2.80
Purple Rain, Sonia Kashuk, Target $3.99

The Fluorescents. Theses bright yellows, brighter greens, popping pinks and bold blues make pure neon punch a perfect addition for any summer look. They also make it easy to add a pop of color without overdoing it. Pictured:
Lite, Sally Hansen HD, Walgreens $5.99
Pink, Hard Candy, Walmart $5
Grass Slipper, Sally Hansen, Walgreens $7.49
Rhythmic Blue, Cover Girl Queen, Target $3.09


Sarah Dee said…
Neutrals, I found this beautiful pale pink that is the exact same shade as my skin, looks really cute!

Cyndle said…
I mostly paint just my toes--taking care of a baby is not great for a manicure! I pretty much stick with black, pewter, dark purple, and dark blue, but I saw an amazing bright green at the store the other day that I loved. And over the winter I grabbed two of Zoya's glittery shades--the silver one is VERY festive!
Jael Paris said…
I think the dark colors chip the best. It looks intentional whereas when my beige chips it looks like I have a problem with my nails.

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