$150 Challenge: Wearing Yellow

By far, the question I most often answered at last week's Twitter party was how to wear yellow. Many women like the sunny hue, but feel it looks awful on them. We understand this. Both becca and I look deathly ill in certain shades of yellow, but we both still wear the color. First, we've found shades that work for us. If mustard makes you jaundiced, try a pale, baby chick hue. Can't do lemon? Try gold. But the primary method of pulling off any color you're uncertain about it to wear it away from your face. Don't buy a yellow hair bow or earrings. Instead, wear the questionable color as shoes, tights, a ring, nail polish, a bag or skirt. The outfit below is, admittedly a bit quirky, but the principle remains the same whether you're trend shopping at Forever 21 or buying classics at Banana Republic.

yellow print skirt, Forever 21 $14.80
lace top, Urban Outfitters $38
basic grey cami, Forever 21 $2.50
gladiator sandals, Alloy $49.20


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