The people at provided me with free trial membership to test their process for buying beauty products online. While I love to shop online, beauty products have always been something I've purchased from stores. I have a lot of skin sensitivities and allergies so I've always been afraid of not being able to see, smell, and perhaps even try products. Plus, makeup colors can look so different online.

I was pleasantly surprised by the process. offers a selection of products reviewed and chosen by a panel of experts, which includes dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairstylists, makeup artists, estheticians, beauty editors and bloggers.

You start buy taking a short survey to select your skin tone and type, eye color, ethnicity, hair color and type, age and any beauty concerns you may have. From here you can sign up for a membership (which you may cancel at anytime) and you are given recommendations for products that will work best for you. You get around seven to ten items for your a quarterly subscription fee of $49.95.

  • recommends colors and products for you so you aren't wandering through a sea of options. This makes it a little easier to choose.
  • Each product has a detailed description, information on why the panel of experts chose it, instructions on how to use the product and a detailed ingredient list. I've always wished beauty products came with better instructions (there are even videos for some products), and I hate squinting at tiny print and pulling up price tags to check ingredient lists for things I'm allergic to.
  • You can change the selections. They picked an olive eyeliner for me, but I have one already. I wanted to try the violet, which I really like.
  • You get to choose from a variety of selections. I am allergic to the hair care products they offer so I just selected other items.
  • The product descriptions are excellent. Red lipstick always turns pink on my very pink lips. From the descriptions, I could tell the one they chose for me would be the same way so I ordered a different one. It's the best red lipstick I've found.
  • You get a lot of product and considerable discounts for paying the membership fee. It felt like Christmas when I got my products in the mail. It's a lot more than I would get for $50 even at Target, plus the quality is wonderful.
  • Members can shop with exclusive discounts at for additional products (you get a gift card for reviewing the process). This way you don't have to wait until next quarter for new products or refills.
  • If you get friends to sign up, you get discounts. Five friends equals a free quarter for you.
  • While the prices are great, I know I won't always need new beauty products every quarter so I'm not sure how long term membership would work for me. I supposed I could keep trying new things, which I love doing. I may tire of that quickly though. For those who use their beauty products more often, this could be a great way to eliminate the hassle of running out to buy stuff.
  • Some of the products aren't things I'd order. There's a headband on there and some other accessories that I would rather leave to discount stores. They feel like filler among far superior products. Thankfully, I was able to just ignore them.
  • The survey lacks a place to fill in allergies or skin sensitivities. It would be nice to eliminate products I am allergic to so I could get better recommendations and spend less time choosing what I want. (Although, they made if very easy for me to see if I would have a problem with a product).
Overall, the experience with was one of the best beauty buying experiences I've had. The video and descriptions paired with the panel recommendations helped me make good choices. All of the products were high quality. If I was a little bit more of a beauty product addict, I probably wouldn't hesitate to pay the subscription fee.


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