Etsy Birthday Wishlist

Today is my 25th birthday. I wish there was going to be cute cakes, frilly dresses and more shoes than I could ever dream of, but I'm sick so there will be tea, napping and reading--not a bad day if you don't count the sick part.

Etsy is one of my favorite sites. I have a wish list of favorite items I dream of owning that is probably longer than this entire blog. Here a few highlights (these are mostly items that have been available for a long time or get restocked, which is why there isn't much clothing on my list):

I would love to have an outrageous bow like this black veiling bow from dhandf. I would wear it today and respond to every strange look with "It's my birthday."
I love dresses, both girly and casual. I would love to wear this cotton ruffled dress by reddoll for my birthday. I would also love this casual cotton dress from yuan123 for an everyday summer look.
My love of dresses means I really need more slips. I prefer to get things I want rather than need for my birthday, but this bright blue dyed vintage slip from LapinLePetit seems to cover both want and need.
I love hats, but I don't really have any. This black and white mini top hat from GypsyLadyHats would make me feel like a Ring Master in a Tim Burton movie. This adorable green cloche from yellowfield7 is the perfect classic hat (and also perfect for bad hair days).
Fanny packs are not cute, but this ruffled bum bag from SWANclothing is. If ever I didn't want to carry a purse somewhere, this would be an adorable alternative. I adore almost everything Desira Pesta creates, and I've been wanting to purchase this bow obi belt for way too long.
I need new glasses with my current prescriptions, these quirky vintage frames from Vintage50sEyewear are definitely a want more than a need though. For completely frivolous eyewear, I want this tatted lace mask by TotusMel. Why not make everyday a masquerade?
I love vintage bathing suits, but this blue one from missbrache is even better than most because it's really a two piece and made in custom sizes! On the topic of form fitting clothing, I was this corset by damselinthisdress with laces and buttons! (but in purple please).
I'd also like some more fashionable decor. I mentioned Desira Pesta above with the obi belt, but she also makes they wonderfully weird little face pillows. I want them. I really want them. I may want them so much I need them.
Are there any Etsy items you'd put on your wish list?


Lindsey said…
I LOVE all of this! The top hat and bow are fab! Hope you get a few of these off your list!!
Lesa said…
Happy Birthday!!!!! I am addicted to Etsy and I don't think I could even make a list, it would go on forever....
Rachel said…
I'm sorry you're sick, becca! I'm glad you got to do some imaginary shopping though ;) Happy birthday- be seeing you soon!!

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