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Project Runway Season 7 Starts! And we spent the week celebrating with a Chloe Dao vest, a mystery PR designer's dress for What Would You Pay?, Carol Hannah's Etsy Shop, a quiz to test your knowledge of PR Designers, a Love or Loathe for a Jay McCaroll top, a Project Design featuring Project Runway Designers, and our first PR recap of the season.

Awards Season is Here! And Jael Paris kicks it off by dressing the nominees for the Golden Globes. Come back Monday for our best dressed picks and your chance to Rate the Red Carpet.

Dress for the Season! With black pants for work, winter hats, winter-ready date wear, and find some affordable vintage jewelry to dress it all up.


Anonymous said…
what did you think of Proj. Runway????
becca said…
Charles, check out the Recap for our thoughts on the debut. You can find it here:

And tell us what you think.

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