FMF Reader Poll: Guess the Project Runway Designer

Project Runway Season 7 premieres tonight! This season looks exciting. Check out our round up of the designers. Also, the judging panel will be intact all season with the whole gang back in New York City!

While you're waiting for the premiere, here is a test of how well you know your Project Runway designers. Below are seven designs made by PR designers after they were on the show. Can you guess which designer made each look? Cast your vote below each design. The answers are in white at the bottom of the post (no peeking!).

Answers (highlight to see) -----> 1.Christian Siriano 2.Rami Kashou 3.Kenley Collins 4.Leanne Marshall 5.Uli Herzner 6.Irina Shabayeva 7.Nick Verreos <-----


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