This Week (And Last) On Fashion Me Fabulous

-- Tell us: Do you save or splurge on halter tops and shaving gel? becca recently explored Hot Topic; when was the last time you looked into a store you normally don't set foot in? What season has your favorite clothes? When did you start wearing makeup? How annoying do you find uber padded bras in the summer? Also, I want to get these bubble shorts, so you have to present an argument if you think they're fugly.

-- On the Etsy front, becca's filling her owlery, wrapping up in convertible dresses and figuring out how to wear leather masks in everyday life.

-- I seem to have developed an obsession with vintage purses and suitcases.

-- We will never stop shopping for skirted or colorful trench coats. Between coats, we've been looking at clothing the colors of tropical fruit, these adorable colorblock pumps, and halter tops. We also did a round of fantasy styling for a friend. (Shopping for others is a favorite pasttime at the FMF office.)

-- The haute couture shows were beautiful, but we can afford our $150 Challenge version of the runway's black lace and bold accessories.

-- Bonus: We've updated our Facebook shopping album and will have even more pictures up this weekend.


Iva Messy said…
thats a great coat!I like the color, very nice have a great weekend!

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