Summer Bra?

Jessica, one of our indispensable readers, asked what strapless bra I'd recommend for wearing with summer dresses. I've been searching and searching, but there seems to be a problem with the lingerie industry (which we knew). Many times when I'm wearing a strapless bra, I'm wearing a light summer dress. Unfortunately, most strapless bras are padded and pushed up to the point were you are virtually wearing a hot breastplate. I found an unpadded strapless bra by Natori a few seasons ago, but they discontinued it; despite my quest, I can't seem to find anything similar. However, if I had to pick a padded strapless, I'd go with the "Seductive" convertible bra by Calvin Klein (Net-a-Porter $46). If you're going strapless, you can't skimp or that sucker will slide, pinch and ruin your day. Mr. Klein seems to understand breasts in a way that many underwear manufacturers do not, and I guarantee this will fit like a dream.


rachel said…
Now if I could only find one of these lovelies in Japan.
Annie said…
Wow, and it comes in my size. Thanks for the tip!

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