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Monday, July 13, 2009

Shoe of the Week: Colorblock Pumps

We here at Fashion Me Fabulous never shy away from colorful footwear. In fact, I went from owning almost all black shoes to having such a lover for colorful shoes that I recently realized I could actually use a new pair of black pumps. But, I doubt I'll be acquiring those anytime soon when I could be buying shoes like these Colorblock Pumps from BC Footwear.

They are both sporty and girly. They come in an array of color combinations (gray/red/purple; black/gray/black; silver/rose gold/gold; and blue/green/white). These shoes are also fabric rather than leather, which might make them a good office shoe for the summer since they should make feet less sweaty and stinky. Best of all, they cost only $39.95 at DSW.


stylewylde said...

Very cute, would you wear these with skirts/jeans? They remind me a little of Michael Kors "pink toe" pumps.

becca said...


I'd wear these with anything. They would be just as cute with jean as they would with skirts or dresses.