Etsy Shop of the Week: isadora clothing

Shop: isadora clothing

Why We Love It: We featured one of isadora's dresses, which can be worn countless ways, in our very first Project Design. We've been fans of these versatile "chameleon" dresses ever since. Best of all, you can order custom fit and colors.

Price Range: $63 - $360

More Info: Visit isadora's blog for more info about the shop and ways to wear these dresses. Also check out the YouTube channel for tutorials about different ways to style the dresses.

Favorite Items: Chameleon Wrap Dress $116 (pictured); Eco Chameleon Wedding Gown $360; Chameleon Shirt $63; Chameleon dress and tube top set $156


Iva Messy said…
that dress is a really pretty color!

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