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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Save or Splurge: Umbrellas

Nothing cheers me up on a rainy day like a cute rainy day outfit. (Or a rainbow!) An essential part of a cute rainy day outfit is an adorable umbrella. Umbrellas can be found in countless shapes, patterns, sizes and price points.

You can buy an umbrella at the dollar store. You can purchase very posh, high-end umbrellas. You can splurge a little on something cute (like this Tiffany Butterfly Umbrella from Raindrops for around $45). You can buy a decent, quality, plain umbrella for around $10 to $20. When it comes to umbrellas, you have options.

I opt for a few. I have a sturdy, blue umbrella tucked under a seat in my car for unexpected showers. I believe there is a cheap dollar store umbrella hiding in a suitcase for travel emergencies. And, I have an adorable green, polka-dot umbrellas, which was purchased for a clearance price much lower than the original $48.

Any future umbrella purchases will probably be clearance bargains, vintage finds, and other such saves.

Do you save or splurge on Umbrellas?


rachel said...

Save! I spent 500 yen (approximately $5) on my awesome blue and green polka dot umbrella.

Tracie said...

SPLURGE! I have the most amazing umbrella. It set me back $127, but definitely worth it. I get comments on it almost endlessly

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