Skirted Trenches for Spring

Reader Driz, commented on an old post about a great skirted trench Jeal Paris found last year asking us to post any new skirted trench finds. Driz, you have perfect timing. Recently, I ran across this stunning, purple, skirted trench for half off, and Jael Paris found some spring coats to keep you dry, some of which are skirted (I reposted the Latte one here because it's a good find). These posts have inspired a search for that perfect skirted trench. Here are a few I've found.
(click to view larger)

I also found the a lovely, classic skirted trench with crop, bell sleeves at Marshall's recently. It's last season so I can't find it online. It's by "laundry by design" and costs $69.99. You'll have to check a Marshall's by you to see if they have it. It's an amazing deal. (Edit: I found a medium, cream-colored one on Ebay starting at $49.99. It's like the one I found in the store only lighter).

(First Row)


tractordog said…
haha, of COURSE it has heart shaped buttons! wayyy cute.
Anonymous said…
The white dot skirt in a black background is my favorite.

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