$150 Challenge: Flower Power

Spring is here. Flowers are just starting to bloom. Let your style bloom a little too with this playful garden of florals. For only $147.56, you can feel the flower power of Spring.
$150 Challegne: Flower Power
$150 Challegne: Flower Power - by Fashion Me Fabulous on Polyvore.com

Pictured: (Clockwise from top left)
Floral Print Dress, Forever 21, $24.80
Erickson Beamon Rose & Chain Earrings, Target, $19.99
Erickson Beamon Flower Charm Necklace, Target, $39.99
Wildflower Tights, Urban Outfitters, $14
Flower Zipper Ring, Forever 21, $3.80
Merona Black Mittie Patent Ballet, Target, $24.99
Kimchi Blue Floral Purse, Urban Outfitters, $29.99


Rachel said…
Ooooh, fancy pants new web address! Awesome!!
Anonymous said…
Love the blog!

I just recently started my own blog. Right now I'm actually having a fashion-themed contest, you should check it out!

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