The Horror: Holey Hiking

When I wear boots, I want my heels and toes covered. Maybe peep toe boots make sense in California or some other warm place that shuts down when there's ice on the road, but in Indiana, such things are laughably dysfunctional. Also defeating the purpose is the slender heel on a boot with a chunky sole. Let's not forget that they're styled as a hiking boot with a 5 inch heel (I can almost hear my mountaineering neighbor sniggering). Of course a shoe like this would come in Barbie pink. I can just imagine these showing up on a Pussycat Doll. "The Fusion" has been reduced to $59.99 at Bakers.


Shorty said…
Reduced as in "priced for clearance forever" I would hope! What an atrocity!
Rachel said…
What the heck is that?!

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