Color Inspiration: Color Wheel

I know you're not really into the monochromatic look, no matter what Dior is pushing, but what do you think of bold primary or secondary colors? The trick with these, of course is that you have to match the colors correctly. A primary look featuring baby blue and navy doesn't really communicate the point. Would you wear a simplified color wheel?

Primary by Fashion Me Fabulous

Secondary by Fashion Me Fabulous


Anonymous said…
I know this is a colour-related post but your feather-related posts have been awesome!
Jael Paris said…
Thanks, Susie. We just kind of purged our systems in one week, but the diy continues!
Anonymous said…
mmm... secondary colors. My wardrobe is seriously lacking in orange.
Anonymous said…
Color is my crack. I'm super pale so dull colors make me look sad and, often, washed out.
Rachel said…
Yep, I'd wear a simplified color wheel. Colors make me happy :)

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