Save or Splurge: Bad Economy

In case no one's mentioned it, the economy isn't at it's best right now. This means everything is on sale, and the sales are better than ever. So, in a time when money is tight do you save with super cheap buys from places like Forever 21, or do you splurge a little to buy investment pieces on super sale that you would never be able to afford in a better economy?

On one hand, buying cheap means you might get more stuff for your money. You will be able to buys some pretty cheap trend pieces and you will come home from a shopping trip with more bags. This can be pretty satisfying especially when pinching pennies.

On the other hand, with designers discounting deeper than ever before more stuff in within the average buyer's reach. That dress that began at $700 is going to come way down to something much more affordable. This mean you get better quality for your money and satisfaction for years to come.

I prefer getting in on the designer deals, which do you prefer?

Jovovich-Hawk Silk Dress, Net-a-porter, %60 at $391.20 from $978


Rachel said…
Honestly, I would still never pay $300 dollars for a dress (other than my wedding dress). I'm willing to splurge a little for well-made, unique, or "I LOVE it" items, but a splurge for me is a save for some. That being said, I'm trying to avoid buying low quality stuff, especially shoes (which is hard when you find good deals!!).
Grace said…
There really is something to be said for valuing quality over quantity. A designer dress will last you for ages and is usually versatile enough and fashion forward enough to wear year round. I prefer designer deals, but right now I'm not buying anything that I don't absolutely NEED.

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