Save or Splurge: Wrist Watches

Of all the accessories on the market, wrist watches possess one of the most vast price ranges. A stylish watch can be found at Target for $10 or at elite watchmakers such as Jaeger-LeCoultre where the Joaillerie 101 Manchette watch (pictured above) is so expensive the price is unattainable, but estimated somewhere in the millions.

So where does this leave a watch buyer? On top of that, the age of cell phones, in the eyes of some, makes watches obsolete. So should you buy the inexpensive watch, the nicer, department store watch, the high end jewelers watch, or should you skip the watch all together?

I'm not one to skip an accessory so I don't think watches are obsolete at all. Plus, it is much more discreet to sneak a peek at your watch than fish out your cell phone to find the time. I think watches are both a save and a splurge. Of course, my splurge is within reason, which means it comes no where near a million-plus dollars.

For bold, trendy watches I'm all about a save. I have a funky, big, square watch from Target that cost only $14. It won't be in style forever so I don't mind that it will break around the same time it becomes unfashionable.

Working at a department store watch counter did teach me the benefits of nicer watches. Someday, I would like a well-made watch that will hold up to daily wear and tear. Since I prefer men's watches to women's watches, this Kenneth Cole men's watch (pictured to the right) with an exposed interior and automatic movement is my current crush at $175. The price it high, but the watch should have a long life to make it worth it. The leather strap version is cheaper and even a little sleaker.

As for fine jewelry watches, those are stunning but way outside my lifestyle and price range.

Are watches a save or a splurge for you?


Jael Paris said…
I've never been a watch fan. I used to wear one, but it always caught on the jewelry counter at work. If I felt the need to wear time, I'd get a pocket watch or watch necklace.
Rachel said…
I'm one of those people who uses her cell phone to check the time. I wore a watch until I got a cell!

I do like some wrist watches a lot- I think I'd probably "save" and get a couple cute trendy watches that I could trade out to go with my outfit.
Anonymous said…
I found a lovely little watch at the craft store this morning for 7 bucks. Attached it to a chain and a little diamond brooch. this way I can watch the time and not turn into a pumpkin at midnight. It also saves my wrists for the chunky sparkle bracelets.
This can definitely be a tough decision to make, especially if you are a fan of watches, like me. I would have to say save up and then splurge when you find a timepiece that you can't live without. I save for 3 years before I bought my first Rolex, and I'm glad I did. I get compliments all the time, and it has held up well for 6 years now.
Denial Leo said…
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