$150 Challenge: Peplum and Lace

Prada's fall runway made maximum use of lace and peplums, the Victorian hip emphasizer that had a revival in the 1980s. The designer dress featured in the middle of the image costs over $4000, but my runway inspired look rings up at $132.98.

dress, Twelve by Twelve $42
lace tights, Urban Outfitters $14
booties, Payless $26.99
purse, Target $19.99
lace fingerless gloves, Sock Dreams $6
beaded headband, Urban Outfitters $24


Anonymous said…
I love Victorian inspiration, but some of us already have huge hips. Love your look though.
Jael Paris said…
I have huge hips, but I like things that emphasize them. It looks intentional and pretty then, not like I bought my clothes a size too small.

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