Pick of the Week: Basic Circle Skirt

A basic skirt is a wardrobe builder, a must have. But not every skirt suits every figure. Recently, I picked up with Old Navy skirt. It's just a basic black circle skirt, which would really help my wardrobe a ton.

Last year when I tried on several similar skirts, they just didn't sit right on me. They looked offand hung poorly. This one, was perfect. I was shopping with a friend who also tried it on and loved it. We are rather different shapes. I have wide hips, full tights, junk in the trunk and a bit of a tummy. She is a slimmer, straighter build. We both bought one. Later that week, I showed my skirt to another friend who tried it on right away. She actually doesn't own any skirts because she has a hard time finding them to flatter her figure. She went to Old Navy the next day to buy this skirt.

The skirts trick for hanging so nicely is the heavier material. It's heavy enough to wear in the winter, but not too heavy to sport to the office in August. Also, this skirt isn't trying to get fancy. The waistband isn't oversized. There is no gathering. It just flows. Because the waist is stretchy, you can choose where it sits. I bought my usually size (which is big because Old Navy runs big) so it sits lower like I prefer, but you can buy down a size for a natural waist fit.

It's $27 online and, I believe, $25 in stores, but there is a sale online for 25% until May 3rd. Black, blue are available online. Black, blue, pink and grey are in stores.


Anonymous said…
I love circle skirts! I actually caved and bought a new black midi skirt that I love by Max Studios today.

Jennifer Wells said…
Now if only the weather would cooperate a bit more!

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