Pick of the Week: Leather Skirt

If you look at leather skirts longingly, then you really should think about investing in one. While their popularity rises and falls, they never really go out of style. The texture is so distinct it can really make our outfit pop. Minis are the most popular length for leather skirts, and floucey short styles are increasingly available. If you're going to invest in a leather skirt, however, the classic, knee-length pencil may be your best bet.* Jones New York currently has a dark brown pencil skirt on clearance for $139 (down from $279). I would wear this with a white silk bow blouse and these heels in red. How would you wear a leather pencil skirt?

*Unless you want the skirt for clubbing. In that case, I can't help you. I'm not sure I've ever even been in a club. I'm more of a sit at home and watch Masterpiece Theater while drinking tea sort of girl.


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