Flirty Valentine's Skirts

Hubby and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Other people can if they want, but we prefer to just love each other all the time and spend February focusing on the numerous birthdays that fall this month. But this year Hubby wanted to take me on a weekend getaway and the only weekend that worked is right before Valentine's Day. Now I feel all romantic and squishy.

becca likes to dress thematically for holidays, but I don't. Because of that, I'd much rather buy my pink and red in separates. So if I'm feeling extra romantic, I can wear a pink skirt with a white ruffle blouse and heart jewelry. Not so festive? Pink skirt, saffron sweater, black scarf.

Top: red button bicycle skirt, Target $17.99
hot pink lace mini, Urban Outfitters $59
coral colorblock pleat skirt, Forever 21 $22.80
Middle: pink zig-zag pleat skirt, Anthropologie $148
burgundy mullet skirt, ASOS $71.62
pink full "Audrey" skirt, Pin-Up Girl Clothing $78
Bottom: blush lace-up pencil skirt, Victoria's Secret $49.50
coral wrap skirt, Anthropologie $98
red pleat sweater skirt, Mod Cloth $59.99


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