High Waisted

I have short legs and a long torso. When I wear my shirts untucked, it often makes my legs look even shorter. For a change of pace, I'd like to buy some high-waisted bottoms. With my shirt tucked in, they'll shorten my torso and lengthen my legs. (If only they would actually lengthen my legs. I'm tired of hunting for step stools. Is 5'6" really so much to ask for? I've been 5'4" since 4th grade.)

High Waisted Skirts

$119 - dillards.com

ASOS crochet skirt
$57 - asos.com

Polka dot pencil skirt
$37 - shopruche.com

Forever 21 hi low skirt
$20 - forever21.com

$23 - yesstyle.com

Ball skirt
$50 - modcloth.com

High Waisted Shorts

High-Waist Shorts with Belt
$22 - yesstyle.com

Othermix shorts
$52 - yesstyle.com

Nishe pleated shorts
$78 - asos.com

Short shorts
$64 - topshop.com
High Waisted Pants


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