Five Years of Natural Beauty

Don't let media draw ugly lines
on your pretty face.
When I started Fashion Me Fabulous five years ago (whoa!), I wasn't sure what I had to offer to the already booming fashion blogging community. I knew I wanted to show affordable fashions and clothes for women who didn't live in fashion cities. I knew I wanted to explore crazy styles and fun shoes. I didn't know Jael Paris would join me as a partner (so glad she did!), and while I knew I wanted to address the crazy expectations of the fashion industry, I didn't know how important that would become on this blog.

We come in varied shapes--they are all beautiful!
We have a long history of calling out the fashion industry and entertainment media on their crazy ideas of beauty. Jael posted this morning about her series on how we've viewed beauty through history. I will repeat her very important words: There is no "real woman." In fact she wrote about the myth of the real woman in 2010. Real women don't necessarily "have curves" anymore than super models represent the real women.

We called out the plus size industry early on in 2008 for not paying attention to the needs of their customers because women of all shapes and sizes want clothes that fit and flatter--and that's not impossible to achieve if clothing companies would only pay attention.

Don't nitpick. Embrace your big feet or curvy thighs.
It's not just about the shape of our bodies either. We've celebrated the things that make us unique like bold eyebrows and curly hair. In fact, I wrote an ode to my big feet in 2010 after a shoe store conversation about big shoes on big feet. 

Looking for positive beauty role models is another way we've come at the crazy expectations. We don't believe in comparing ourselves to others--is a slippery slope, but we love looking at varied depictions of beauty--like those we see in art. We love celebs like Amber Riley who portray a healthy body and bold sense of style. And we adore the things Tina Fey had to say about body image and beauty expectations in her book, Bossypants.

We urge you to embrace your body, live healthy (this doesn't mean live skinny or live with big boobs), and enjoy fashion. Don't listen to the critics. Don't be afraid to age naturally and gracefully. Wear and do what makes you feel beautiful. We'll be here doing the same.


Rachel said…
Big thumbs up. Thanks for always reminding us that any idea we have about what the "right" body shape is or what a "real woman" looks like is totally off-base unless we consider that each of us is different and THAT'S OK.

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