Beauty is Subjective

My trip to New York wasn't all McQueen. I spent a considerable amount of time admiring the other art the Met has to offer. (Sadly, all the American paintings were in "visible storage" while they spruce up a new room for them. This means I encountered Madame X, one of my favorite paintings, behind glare-happy glass at a distance of under two feet. Not what John Singer Sargent had in mind, no doubt.) One of the many wonderful things about classic art is that it's trapped in time. Not to say that Madame X can only be appreciated by people of the late Victorian era (because it certainly wasn't) but that it is an artifact of what the painter thought of as beauty. Below are a bevy of other portraits ranging from ancient Greece to medieval France and on to the Industrial Age. Some are commissioned works that may have required the artist's...diplomacy, while others are models or interpretations of historic figures.

So stop worrying about not having Taylor Swift's hair or Jennifer Aniston's ability to stave off aging. Would you rather be mass-produced or a piece of art?


I love your post! I love going to museum and galleries. This night there is in Poland the Night of Museums when all (or maybe a lot of) museums are open till late nigth and the entrance is free. A lot of people attend in this event. I don't because I like to admire the art in peace, but it is really great event, when people meet with art sometimes for the first time.
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Anonymous said…

don't even know what else to say.
well written, just beautiful.

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