In Celebration of Bold Brows

Well-groomed eyebrows are a small detail with big-impact on your overall look. Unfortunately, many women mistake well-groomed for over-plucked leaving the punctuation of their faces an uncertain question mark.

The first women come to mind when I think of bold eyebrows are Audrey Hepburn and Brooke Shields.If you've yet to do anything to your eyebrows, get a consultation at a local salon. They will create the basic shape you can maintain at home. The looks below have clean lines and hairs in place but are most certainly present. These eyebrows draw attention to the eyes.

Top: acttress Jennifer Connelly, model Myf Shepard, model Sessilee Lopez
Bottom: supermodel Naomi Campbell, movie icon Bette Davis, actress Keira Knightly

Top: model Hillary Rhoda, a young Geena Davis, actress Camilla Bell
Bottom: actress Natalie Portman, supermodel Erin O' Connor, Coach face Ali Michael

Madonna sported bold black eyebrows with her peroxide locks, a tough look to pull off. I particularlly like the barely tamed bit toward the middle.

Platinum blondes aren't the only flaxen heads with bold eye brows as models Siri Tollerød, Sasha Pivovarova, and Carloine Trentini demonstrate. Their brows aren't as strong as a brunettes, but they're still nice and thick.
How do you feel about bold eyebrows?


Anonymous said…
awesome post! xx
Angharad said…
I love, love bold eyebrows - Audrey Hepburn is my icon. I feel naked if my eyebrows aren't filled in.
Sarah Dee said…
I love bold brows! such a great post!

Cyndle said…
Oh, I just cringe when I see someone with over-plucked brows that are barely three hairs wide, not to mention they often pluck them out to halfway over their eyes! Awful!

Ever since I worked at a Chanel makeup counter, I've been filling in my brows--I love the bold frame they provide for your eyes. Also, if you have ash blond brows like me, but dyed dark brown hair, it helps everything match a bit better to fill them in with a powder a tad darker!

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