Tying and Buying Scarves

I love scarves. They brighten up winter coats, add a bit of kick to a simple dress or tee, and cover up bad hair days with fashionable flair. I frequently tout the benefits of scarves to friends and fellow shoppers, but feel confused about how to achieve all those great scarf looks. Thanks to Scarves.net, we now have a website featuring 37 videos on how to tie a scarf. They also offer a blog full of other scarf uses like decorations and DIY. (Scarf flats anyone?)

Rosette Wrap
Try this wrap on a bad hair day or accent an updo. There is also a rosette neck scarf version.

Chain Knot Wrap
Another great choice to hide hair problems. It creates a chic, turban-style look using a simple scarf.

Half Bow
This simple to tie half bow looks chic and will make any outfit feel polished.

Knot Row
I haven't seen this row of knots used before. It looks like a fun addition to a casual outfit or a great way to tie my winter scarf for a more interesting look.

Layered Knot
Speaking of winter scarves, this classic, covered knot will keep you put together on the most blustery of days.

Tips for Buying Scarves:
  • Don't be afraid to try a variety of shapes and sizes (especially because you now know a resources that will tell you how to tie each type).
  • Scarves tend to stay in style so look for deals on vintage scarves at garage sales and thrift shops.
  • Grab trendy prints and colors from affordable outlets like Scarves.net, Forever 21 and Target.
  • Look for discounted quality and designer scarves on department store clearance wraps or at T.J.Maxx and Marshalls.
  • If you plan to make an investment in a scarf, I recommend looking for quality materials that are easy to clean like washable silk because scarves come in contact with oils from your hair and face as well as staining from makeup and lotion.
9 Scarves $19.99 & Under

Star Circle Scarf, Scarves.net, $14.41
Orange Knit Scarf, Forever 21, $8.80
Classic Silk Scarf, Scarves.net, $16.96
Red Ikat Pareo, Target, $19.99
Purple Print Square Scarf, Target, $12.99
Wavy Striped Scarf, Forever 21, $10.80
Polka Dot Scarf, Scarves.net, $8.46
Paint Brush Print Scarf, Target, $14.99
Solid Color Pashmina, Scarves.net, $11.01


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