Etsy Shop of the Week: Shadowplaynyc

Shop: Shadowplaynyc

Why We Love It: "Occupy Outer Space" touts the shops only tee. This shop allows you to do so on a daily basis with nebula themed dresses, skirts and scarves. Our love of sci-fi is no secret so it's no surprise we'd love to explore the final frontier in style.

Price Range: $25 - $260

Links: Blog / Facebook / Twitter / Website

Favorite Items:

Pictured: Blue Space Dress $128; Starburst Cluster Galaxy Skirt $138; Mystic Mountain Nebula Circle Scarf $65; Planet Skirt $98; Eagle Nebula Jersey Dress $120; Dark Nebula Silk Skirt $198; Magellanic Cloud Light Cotton Galaxy Dress $180; Cosmic Silk Handkerchief $45; Blue Triangle Print Skirt $98; Mars Curiosity Circle Scarf $65; Crimson Galaxy Print Dress $160; Moon Rock Skirt $138; Occupy Outer Space Tee Shirt $25; LMC Nebula Skirt $138 (also pictured above)


rachel said…
WANT! Everything here.

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