Poll: Freckles

Sometimes I am forced to spend time outside with the burning sky star. Despite putting on sunscreen, enough time in the sun brings out my freckles. My husband thinks they're adorable. I think they make my skin look splotchy...although, I guess freckles are splotches. That's sort of like saying my eye lashes are too lashy. Maybe I would like them if they were more distinct -- my full-bore badge of Irishness. Since I'm not in the sun long, they're more like the yellowish idea of freckles, an afterthought of face accessories. Freckles are one of those things that are cute on other people, but I don't encourage my own.


GeorgiaBite said…
I used to really struggle with my freckles when I was younger, especially with me being ginger! But now I completely embrace them! When children ask me what they are, I like to tell them they are fairies kisses :)
Jennifer Wells said…
My maternal grandmother was Native American, my maternal grandfather looked very Irish.

Mom said that once an Italian girl approached her and said, "I thought maybe you were Italian, too, then I looked closer and saw freckles so I said, 'Nope!'"
becca said…
My freckles only become noticeable with considerable sun exposure, which I don't usually get, but I like them. I think they're cute on me. (I don't get a lot of freckles though, just a smattering across my nose and cheeks)

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