Project Design: Typewriters

I have terrible penmanship so I seldom hand write anything aside from poetry because the longer the work I'm writing the less legible it becomes. However, the computer offers far too many distractions. Instead of working on my novel, I end up blogging, shopping, Facebooking, Tumbling, reading blogs etc... To avoid this I dug my dad's old typewriter out of my parents basement. It's got the great electric gunshot sound, and the manual return is rather fun to smack back into place with a flourish. Turns out I miss the backspace key a lot, but at least I can read it even if it's misspelled and full of typing errors. I love using the typewriter. Which typewriter accessory do you love?

Purple Typewriter Brooch by greenaccordion

Vintage Typewriter Key Bracelet by KeysAndMemories

Vintage Typewriter Purse by craftsbynesli

18K Gold Plated Brass Type Writer Necklace by CuteAbility

Vintage Typewriter Canvas Messenger Bag by CrawlSpaceStudios

Typewriter Keys Bobby Pins by AlteredEras

Vintage Typewriter Silkscreened Scarf by Cyberoptix

Typewriter Strikeplate Necklace by robynnmolino


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