Etsy Shop of the Week: ZIBtextile

Shop: ZIBtextile

Why We Love It: I'm anxious for fall. I adore everything about the season from the food (squash and pumpkin spice lattes) to the weather (cool breezes) to the colors. I especially love the fashion--jackets, jeans, tights, long sleeves, scarves, non-sandal shoes and leggings. I love that leggings let me wear a slightly shorter skirt that I'm typically comfortable moving around in and they are fun, bright and warm. These leggings are also eccentric and totally cool. I want them all.

Price Range:$35 - $60

Links: Website (coming soon) / Facebook / Twitter / Shop Feature

Favorite Items:

Pictured: Coral Orange Fancy Animal Print Leggings $50; Girl in Boots Beige Leggings $50; Pale Blue Purple Jellyfish Leggings $50; Trip Delicate Chiffon Dress $60; Meadow Wolf Beige Leggings $50; Turquoise Coral Crystal Print Stockings $50; Dayspring Beige Leggings $50; Beige Coral Crystal Print Stockings $50; Red Riding Hood Tribal Wolf Leggins $50; Space Diamonds Chiffon Dress $60; Cloudy Animal Skin Print Stockings $50; Black Turquoise Animal Print Leggings $50Beige Blue Purple Print Leggings $50 (also pictured above)


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