Product Review: John Frieda Dream Curls

I love my curly hair, but it doesn't always love me back. Sometimes it gets frizzy. Other times, when I'm stressed, tired or very overdue for a haircut, my curls seem to give up their shape. No matter what the problem, John Frieda Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray seems to straighten things out--er--curl things up.

I've been using it for so long, I can't imagine my hair routine without it. I spray a little on my damp hair right after I wash it. I comb it through with my fingers or a wide tooth comb. Then, I had my sculpting foam, scrunch and diffuse.

Dream Curls makes my spiral curls bounce, even when my hair is super long. It also keeps the frizz to a minimum and amps up my shine. It's like magic. It may sound odd, I use a little on my bangs before I blow them straight because it makes them shiny, frizz-free, static-free and a little bouncier since my hair usually falls flat when it's straight.

Unlike a lot of curl and shine products, Dream curls never makes my hair crunchy or greasy. It does help with the natural dryness of curly hair, but I don't have to worry about over applying and ending up with an oil slick. Also, I've never accidentally over applied this and ended up with crunchy curls. It's a styling product with a leave-in conditioner built in.

It costs between $5-$6 depending on the store and region, but I can usually find $1 or $2 coupons to save and combine with sales. If you do that, you'll get Dream Curls for about $2 to $3 a bottle. I think I use about six to eight bottles a year, and I have waist-length hair. This stuff goes a long way.

What are you favorite products to control frizz, condition, curl or shine?


ninam said…
My curly hair drives me crazy! This product seems like a great idea, good post. :)
TheDollsFactory said…
I have to try this
great review
Always following
The Dolls Factory
Catie D. said…
Definitely going to try this! As strange as it sounds, I'm having a problem, well, shedding, right now. Since it's fall, my animal instincts are trying to replace my coat, I guess, and since my hair is so curly, it doesn't fall out until I pull it out =( This results in hairballs the size of small kittens.

Ridiculously annoying.

Personally, I like straight olive oil. Add a little to your ends while you let your condition sit three to four minutes, but make sure to wash it off. And don't let ANY near your scalp. If you're like me, it will be oily FOREVER.
Jennifer Wells said…
My hair has gotten straighter and straighter with time. Bummer.
Jael Paris said…
Nora, my hair was very curly for a long time, then it went straight for a few years and now it's wavy. I've heard that some people's hair changes texture with time, especially after a big hormone change like having kids.
Alex said…
I am using it from last 2 months and its results are awesome ...
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